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  • Does Tomfoolery charge sales tax?
    Yes, but only for customers with shipping addresses within Washington state. *** US customers located outside of Washington state are not obligated to pay sales tax.*** International customers would be subject to any import taxes, duty and/or customs fees.
  • What does ‘LEAD TIME’ mean?
    ‘LEAD TIME' refers to the amount of time Tomfoolery estimates before they will start production on a particular order. The reason for the delay is due to us being a small shop of only 5-8 full-time makers and sometimes new orders come in faster than the rate we are able to produce. All incoming orders are positioned in our queue based on the date their order was placed and payment was received.
  • What does ‘MADE TO ORDER’ mean?
    ‘Made to order’ simply means that a furniture order gets made *after* it is ordered.
  • What does 'READY TO SHIP mean?
    As the name would suggest, 'READY TO SHIP' means the piece is already built (or mostly built), not subject to a lead time, and ready to ship. In these cases, it's usually an order cancellation that we are now reselling.
  • Is any assembly required?
    No assembly is required for nearly all our designs. Our furniture is fully and permanently built to last a lifetime and beyond. There are only a few designs that will detach into multiple sub-unit pieces like the Corner Offstack Bookcases, Bed Frames, and some of our larger Hutches. We use connectors that make attaching / detaching these sub-units easy and straightforward.
  • If I’m local to the Seattle-Tacoma area, can I visit the Tomfoolery Shop?
    Yes, of course! In fact, we strongly encourage this. As a prospective customer considering an investment in solid wood furniture, it’s important to do your due diligence. Speaking with a Tomfoolery representative (likely Dan the owner), closely inspecting other furniture pieces going through production, understanding all the different options (wood species, joinery, leg style, custom, etc.), and getting all your questions answered. It always brings us great joy to meet our customers in person! Please call/email in advance to schedule an appointment.
  • If I’m local to the Seattle-Tacoma area, can I pick up my furniture once it is completed?
    Yes! Our shop is located in Kent, Washington. If you have been notified that your order is ‘READY FOR PICK-UP’, then all you need to do is call/email to let us know in advance the day and time you plan on coming to pick it up. Our typical hours of operation: Monday – Thursday, 7:00a – 5:30p. If these absolutely cannot work, please let us know and we can figure out a time that works for both of us.
  • If I’m local to the Seattle-Tacoma area, will Tomfoolery deliver my furniture?
    Yes, we still offer local white glove delivery! As of July 2022 due to a dramatic increase in gas prices, there is now a small fee associated with this service. Delivery fees may apply. Please ask to get updated rates.
  • If I’m located outside of the Seattle-Tacoma area, can I order Tomfoolery furniture and will they ship it to me?
    Yes! We domestically freight ship to all 50 US states (Alaska and Hawaii included!). We also ship international to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  • How much does freight shipping cost?
    It greatly depends on shipment size, weight, and distance needed to travel. Please contact to us retrieve a freight estimate. You will need to provide us with the furniture piece(s) your are interested in buying and your shipping zip code. IMPORTANT: All costs associated with shipping (freight, custom import fees, duty fees) are invoiced at the time of shipping, not when placing your order.
  • Do you include the cost of shipping with the sale price?
    No, we do not, but there are very good reasons for this. Before explaining why, it’s important to note that, “FREE SHIPPING” isn’t actually free to the customer in most cases. Typically, the cost to ship a particular product will be averaged out and added to the sale price. Since freight shipping rates can greatly vary due to a number of different factors (number of pieces, size, weight, distance, level of service), we pull individual freight quotes for each customer. We also shop multiple 3PLs to find our customers the best rate available to us.
  • When do I pay for the shipping?
    Tomfoolery invoices for shipping /freight charges *SEPARATELY* at the time of shipping after the order has been completed.
  • Do you offer different levels of freight + delivery service?
    TERMINAL PICK-UP Sometimes known as 'WILL CALL', our most economical option. With this option, the customer is responsible for picking up the shipment at the carrier’s freight terminal local to that customer. HELPFUL NOTES: • We can shop multiple carriers for you to see which freight terminal is closest. • We’ve had previous customers pick up at the terminal, bring a power drill and uncrate the furniture piece at the terminal, then load it into their vehicle. The terminal would then also be able to dispose of the crate materials for you as well. --- RESIDENTIAL CURBSIDE Our most booked service option. With residential curbside, the carrier will call in advance to set up a delivery appointment with the customer (typically Monday-Friday). The carrier will typically call as soon as the shipment arrives at the regional freight terminal. As the name suggests, the carrier will then deliver to the customer's residence. They are only responsible for moving the shipment/crate onto the property, but will often use their pallet jacks to move the crate closer to the house/building/ground floor foyer/lobby. Since delivery drivers do not get paid well, being overly kind and polite will render much more favorable results if you have special circumstances that require extra effort. HELPFUL NOTES: • Does *not* include uncrating or moving inside. • Does *not* include crate/debris removal. • We construct the shipping crates to be easy and straightforward to disassemble. A utility knife to cut the straps and power drill to unscrew the crate panels. --- WHITE GLOVE - FULL SERVICE Our FULL SERVICE option! This includes everything that most would expect from a full service ‘white glove’ option. A 2-person delivery team would handle everything. Fully uncrating, unpackaging, moving/lifting, inside placement, assembly (if needed), and crate/debris removal. And if the delivery team isn’t doing it all with a smile, please let us know. *** The only caveat to this service is that it might take an extra 1-1.5 weeks for delivery due to delays related to COVID. ***
  • Do some smaller furniture pieces qualify for UPS or FEDEX?
    Yes, there are a handful of furniture pieces that are small enough to qualify for UPS GROUND or FEDEX GROUND. Typically, this is a cost savings of at least $100-150 when compared to freight shipping the same piece.
  • How does Tomfoolery ensure their furniture doesn’t get damaged when being shipped via freight?
    First, we fully foam and stretch wrap each furniture shipment. This layer acts as additional scratch protection and a moisture barrier. The wrapped furniture piece then gets carefully placed into a wood shipping crate where it will be fully enclosed by plywood on all 6 sides. We use screws to fasten the crates together, *not nails*, this allows our customers to use a power drill to open their crate, which is much more safe for both the customer and the furniture inside.
  • Can I get shipping insurance for my furniture shipment?
    Yes, we offer shipper’s insurance. This add-on cost is typically between $35-75.
  • Are the plywood shipping crates easy to open?
    As easy as reasonably possible while still maintaining enough strength for the freight transit. It only involves cutting off the crate straps with a utility knife and then unfastening a few dozen screws with a power drill. The customer would first unfasten the lid, then the front, then the back, and then the sides. Lifting the furniture out of the crate usually requires at least 2 people.
  • What wood finish do we use?
    We use a natural oil-wax blend. This is an organic, solvent-free, environmentally-safe finish. It is microporous and will not crack, flake, peel or blister. When dry, it is safe for humans, animals and plants. We apply by hand-rubbing it into the wood grain, it then penetrates and WITHIN the wood, not on top, it dries and hardens. Originally developed as a floor finish, which implies durability is a none issue. Never have I seen a wood finish naturally accentuate the grain more beautifully. Does this finish require more work and time? Most certainly. But do clients soon understand why it's worth it once they receive our furniture pieces? I would certainly hope so.
  • Tips on Caring for your Furniture?
    Tomfoolery uses a natural *CLEAR* penetrating oil finish by Rubio Monocoat, specifically "Oil plus 2c - PURE" (unless otherwise instructed). It's the best of all worlds. Quicker dry times, deeper natural oil finish beauty, and very safe with 0% VOC. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR TOMFOOLERY FURNITURE Tips: - Use coaster and hot plates. - Wipe up spilled liquids immediately. - DO NOT clean using citrus based or silicon-based products, like Pledge.


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